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The Roanoke River Basin Bi-State Commission was established as a bi-state commission composed of 18 members from the State of North Carolina and the Commonwealth of Virginia.   The purposes of the Commission, as defined by NC General Statutes §77-91, are:

  • Provide guidance and make recommendations to local, state, and federal legislative and administrative bodies, and to others as it deems necessary and appropriate, for the use, stewardship, and enhancement of the water, and other natural resources, for all citizens within the Basin.
  • Provide a forum for discussion of issues affecting the Basin's water quantity and water quality and issues affecting other natural resources.
  • Promote communication, coordination, and education among stakeholders within the Basin.
  • Identify problems and recommend appropriate solutions.
  • Undertake studies and prepare, publish, and disseminate information through reports, and in other forms, related to water quantity, water quality, and other natural resources of the Basin. (2002 177, s. 1.)

The North Carolina delegation to the Commission consists of the six members of the North Carolina General Assembly and three non-legislative members, established pursuant to G.S. §77-103, who represent different geographical areas of the North Carolina portion of the Basin and who reside within the Basin's watershed.  The Virginia delegation to the Commission is appointed as determined by the Commonwealth of Virginia.   The current Roanoke River Bi-State Commission Members are:

  • Senator Joyce Krawiec
  • Representative Susan Martin
  • Senator Angela Bryant
  • Representative Bert Jones
  • Representative Bryan Holloway
  • Senator Shirley Randleman
  • Mr. Nate Hall, non-legislative member
  • Mr. Larry Yarborough, non-legislative member
  • Mr. Chuck Peoples, non-legislative member
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