Bond Loan Awards

Applicant DEH# County Project Description Bond Loan Amount
Belfast-Patetown Sanitary District 0774 Wayne well, elevated tank, waterlines $1,000,000
Calypso, Town of 0777 Duplin waterline replacement $55,750
Carteret, County of 0775 Carteret two (2) pumps and new waterlines $600,000
Eastern Wayne Sanitary District 0784 Wayne treatment, elevated tank, booster pump station, raw and finished waterlines $1,438,000
Fork Township Sanitary District 0783 Wayne elevated tank and raw water lines $2,600,000
Greene County 0761 Greene five (5) new wells, two (2) elevated tanks and waterlines $2,450,800
Southeastern Wayne Sanitary District 0780 Wayne treatment, wells, elevated tank, waterlines $1,600,000
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