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The continuing growth of North Carolina's population and economy is requiring additional water. In recent years, a number of water supply problem spots have developed, where increased need for water is threatening to exceed available supplies. The four-year drought, which intensified in 2002, stressed North Carolina's water supply system, spotlighted some weaknesses in many water systems, and pointed out actions that need to be taken to assure a water supply that can support North Carolina's current and future economy.

Meeting North Carolina's water supply needs requires a partnership between state government and local government. The State must monitor water use and water availability statewide, provide a state and regional framework for planning, administer water management laws, and establish policies that will contribute to solving water supply problems.

River Basin Water Supply Planning Strategy

In order to assure that future water supply needs can be met and to identify conflicts or problems that need to be resolved, DWR will work in partnership with local governments and other water users to develop fifty-year water supply plans, starting with the Yadkin and Catawba basins, using the model of the successful pilot plan developed for the Cape Fear basin. North Carolina needs to develop the data and the analytical tools to assure that state interests are protected and that adequate provisions are made for critical water supply sources.

Generic Process

  1. Develop an initial list of stakeholder group participants.
  2. Develop generic planning framework based on the Cape Fear River Basin Water Supply Plan.
  3. Convene the first stakeholder group meeting.
  4. Develop summary of information needs.
  5. Develop the River Basin Water Supply Plan framework.
  6. Work on the plan and model with stakeholder input.
  7. Develop the River Basin Water Supply Plan, Draft(s) and revise based on stakeholder feedback.
  8. Complete and distribute final River Basin Water Supply Plan.
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