NC Operators Certification Programs

North Carolina maintains certification for more than 16,000 professionals who operate drinking water, wastewater, and animal waste facilities across the state. The state's certification programs serve to:

  • Protect the public health;
  • Conserve and protect the water resources of the state;
  • Protect public investment in water treatment facilities;
  • Provide for the classification of treatment facilities;
  • Administer examinations for treatment facility operators; and
  • Certify the competency of treatment facility operators.

Drinking Water

Water Treatment Facility Operators Certification Program
Contact: Debbie Soles, 919-707-9043


Wastewater Treatment Facility Operators
Contact: Steve Reid, 919-707-9108

Animal Waste

Animal Waste Management System Operators
Contact: Beth Buffington, 919-707-9105