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Water Quality Regional Operations » WQRO-Raleigh Regional Office

First Name Last Name Email Phone Location Position or Areas of Responsibility
Jane Bernard (919) 791-4236 Raleigh Environmental Specialist
Rick Bolich (919) 791-4232 Raleigh Environmental Program Supervisor III
Erin Deck (919) 791-4257 Raleigh
Room #220
Environmental Specialist
James Graham (919) 791-4256 Raleigh Environmental Specialist
Mitch Hayes (919) 791-4261 Raleigh Environmental Specialist
Sara Knies (919) 791-4258 Raleigh Environmental Specialist
William Miller (919) 791-4241 Raleigh
Room #227
Soil Scientist
Ray Milosh (919) 791-4240 Raleigh Environmental Specialist
Eric Rice (919) 791-4242 Raleigh Hydrogeologist
Jerry Rimmer (919) 791-4237 Raleigh
Room #206
Monitor permit compliance. Assist with WWTP operations as requested to insure permit compliance. Respond to public inquiries or complaints. Assist with response to releases to the environment or to storm damage to reduce environmental impact.
Laura Robertson (919) 791-4247 Raleigh
Room #203
Jason Robinson (919) 791-4249 Raleigh
Room #211
Environmental Engineer
Autumn Romanski (919) 791-4255 Raleigh Environmental Program Consultant
Joan Schneier (919) 791-4234 Raleigh Environmental Specialist, Raleigh Regional Office. CAFOs in Johnston Co,Single family spray/drip wastewater systems in Chatham Co, Single family geothermal well permitting in all RRO Counties,GIS.
Cherri Smith (919) 791-4251 Raleigh Environmental Senior Specialist
Danny Smith (919) 791-4252 Raleigh Environmental Program Supervisor III
Buster Towell (919) 791-4239 Raleigh Environmental Senior Specialist
Rick Trone (919) 791-4248 Raleigh Environmental Senior Technician
Cheng Zhang (919) 791-4259 Raleigh Environmental Senior Specialist
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