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Below is a complete list of staff and contacts for the Division of Water Resources. You may click on the table headings (first name, last name, etc) to sort the list alphabetically or use the box below to search the contacts listing. If you would like to view the contacts for a particular group (section, branch, or unit), you may use the drop-down boxes to reduce the number of contacts that are displayed.

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Water Quality Regional Operations » WQRO-Washington Regional Office

First Name Last Name Email Phone Location Position or Areas of Responsibility
Robbie Bullock (252) 948-3843 Washington Environmental Sr. Specialist
Don Burke (252) 948-3845 Washington Environmental Senior Specialist
Allen Clark (252) 984-3968 Washington Environmental Specialist
Justin Davis (252) 948-3942 Washington Environmental Specialist
William Hart (252) 948-3911 Washington Hydrogeologist
David May (252) 948-3939 Washington Environmental Program Supervisor III
Marlene Salyer (252) 948-3846 Washington Environmental Senior Specialist
Anthony Scarbraugh (252) 948-3924 Washington Environmental Senior Specialist
Randy Sipe (252) 948-3849 Washington Hydrogeologist
Megan Stilley (252) 948-3947 Washington Environmental Specialist
Robert Tankard (252) 948-3921 Washington Environmental Program Supervisor III
Sarah Toppen (252) 948-3845 Washington
Room #M102
Environmental Specialist
Scott Vinson (252) 948-3848 Washington Engineer
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