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Asheville Regional Office

First Name Last Name Email Phone Location Position or Areas of Responsibility
Stuart Black (828) 296-4589 Asheville Drinking Water: Envirionmental Specialist, Transient Non-community (TNC) and Nontransient Non-community (NTNC) water systems in Caldwell, Burke, Rutherford, Polk, Henderson, Transylvania, Jackson, Macon, Clay and Cherokee counties, Asheville Regional
Bill Conner (828) 296-4581 Asheville Drinking Water: Assistant Regional Engineer, Asheville Regional Office, Community Water Systems, Madison, Avery, Caldwell counties.
James Emory (828) 296-4586 Asheville James Emory: Drinking Water: Environmental Sepcialist, Non-Transient Non-Community water systems in Avery, Buncombe, Haywood, Graham, Madison, McDowell, Mitchell, Swain, Yancey, Transient Non-Community water systems in Avery, Buncombe, Haywood, Grah
Randy Hintz (828) 296-4580 Asheville
Room #227
Engineering Supervisor
Jennifer Holloway (828) 296-4587 Asheville Drinking Water: Environmental Engineer, community water systems in Henderson, Transylvania, and Burke counties, Asheville Regional Office
Buddy Melton (828) 296-4584 Asheville Environmental Engineer: Public Water Supply Section, Asheville Regional office, Community water systems, Cherokee, Clay, Graham, Jackson, Macon. Assistance with all public water systems within western region as necessary.
Kimberly Powers (828) 296-4583 Asheville Drinking Water: Environmental Engineer, Community Water Systems in Yancey, Mitchell, Swain, and Haywood Counties, Asheville Regional Office
Don Price (828) 296-4500 Asheville Drinking Water ;Senior Environmental Specialist, Municipal drinking water in the following counties: Buncombe, Mitchell McDowell, Burke, Rutherford,Cherokee, Caldwell,Jackson,Macon, Madison,Graham,Polk,Haywood,Henderson,and Transylvania. Asheville Re
Kevin Barnett (828) 296-4657 Asheville Environmental Senior Specialist
James Aaron (828) 296-4652 Asheville **If you have a general NCDENR question, please call the NCDENR help desk at 1-877-623-6748 or the appropriate regional office main number**
Ted Campbell (828) 296-4683 Asheville Groundwater contamination/incident manager; groundwater resource evaluation.
Janet Cantwell (828) 296-4667 Asheville Environmental Specialist
Landon Davidson (828) 296-4680 Asheville Regional supervisor for the Water Quality Regional Operations Section (WQROS).
Tim Fox (828) 296-4664 Asheville
Room #251
Review, process, and provide technical assistance for applicants requesting 401 Water Quality Certifications. Respond to Citizen complaints and inspect sites where water quality standards and other rules have possibly been contravened. County Assignments include: Transylvania, Jackson, Swain, Macon, Graham, Cherokee, and Clay.
Tim Heim (828) 296-4500 x4650 Asheville Coordinate ARO permit review, provide engineering assistance to program areas, fast-track sewer extension permitting.
Brett Laverty (828) 296-4681 Asheville
Room #243
* Non-discharge permitting * Groundwater compliance monitoring * Groundwater incidents * Current and historical pesticide issues * Groundwater complaints * Surface water complaints * Watershed assessment
Kevin Mitchell (828) 296-4650 Asheville
Room #244
Environmental Specialist, Surface Water Protection in: Clay,Cherokee, Graham, Haywood, Jackson, Madison, Macon, Rutherford, Swain, and Transylvania counties. Asheville Regional Office
Andrew Moore (828) 296-4684 Asheville Environmental Specialist
Beverly Price (828) 296-4685 Asheville
Room #253
Environmental Senior Specialist
Zan Price (828) 296-4500 Asheville
Room #244
Provide supervision to regional office staff involved in wastewater and wetlands permitting (401 Water Quality Certifications) and compliance. Provide technical guidance and education to the public.
Robert Topolski (828) 296-4500 Asheville Non-Discharge permitting, compliance, complaints and emergency response. NPDES permitting, compliance and complaints for Henderson and Polk counties.
Linda Wiggs (828) 296-4653 Asheville Wastewater NPDES program lead; lead inspector for NPDES program in McDowell, Buncombe, Burke, Caldwell, Avery, Mitchell and Yancey.
Gary Francies (828) 296-4677 Asheville Chemist III - Laboratory Certification - Technical Assistance for laboratory questions - Compliance Specialist for Laboratory Certification
Jason Smith (828) 296-4679 Asheville Laboratory Certification Auditor - Chemist II
Katherine Jimison (828) 296-4678 Asheville Chemistry Technician III
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