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Fayetteville Regional Office


First Name Last Name Email Phone Location Position or Areas of Responsibility
Winston Cole (910) 433-3308 Fayetteville
Room #N112
Assistant Regional Engineer;drinking water, community water systems, including ground water systems, in Anson, Cumberland, Harnett, Hoke, Montgomery, Moore, Richmond, Robeson, Scotland Counties, Fayetteville Regional Office. issues p
Carlton Smith (910) 433-3312 Fayetteville
Room #N116
Drinking Water: Environmental Specialist, Transient non-community (TNC), Non-transient non-community (NTNC) and non-municipal community water systems in Anson, Bladen, Cumberland, Harnett, Hoke, Montgomery, Moore, Richmond, Robeson, Sampson and Scotl
Christopher Tartaglia (910) 433-3306 Fayetteville
Room #N155
Drinking Water – Engineer, Fayetteville Regional Office (FRO); Community Groundwater systems in Sampson and Bladen Counties, and Private Utilities in FRO
Mason Herndon (910) 308-4021 Fayetteville
Room #E138
401 permitting, compliance, and technical assistance for transportation projects in the Fayetteville and Wilmington areas (NCDOT Divisions 6 & 3).
Trent Allen (910) 433-3322 Fayetteville
Room #E135
Jim Barber (910) 433-3340 Fayetteville
Room #E121
Permitting non-discharge wastewater systems(spray irrigation, residuals land application, composting, etc.),well permitting(100K/day, monitoring, geothermal, well variances, remediation),GW-59 review,technical assistance,inquiries & complaints.
Mark Brantley (910) 433-3327 Fayetteville
Room #N151
Environmental Sr Specialist
Billy Dunlap (910) 433-3334 Fayetteville
Room #E125
Environmental Specialist
Steven Guyton (910) 433-3341 Fayetteville
Room #E133
Environmental Specialist
Belinda Henson (910) 433-3326 Fayetteville
Room #E133
Environmental Program Supervisor III
Tony Honeycutt (910) 433-3339 Fayetteville
Room #E122
Non-Discharge System Inspections (Sprsy Irrigation/Land Application) Technical Assistance/Complaints NDMR Validation Animal Inspections as needed Other duties as asigned
Robert Marble (910) 433-3338 Fayetteville
Room #E123
Environmental Specialist
Shristi Shrestha (910) 433-3338 Fayetteville
Room #E123
Chad Turlington (910) 433-3320 Fayetteville
Room #N149
Environmental Specialist - Non-DOT 401 Certification permitting and compliance.
Hughie White (910) 433-3308 Fayetteville
Room #N155
Environmental Specialist