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Mooresville Regional Office


First Name Last Name Email Phone Position or Areas of Responsibility
Clinton Cook (704) 235-2140 Drinking Water: Engineer, Community Water Systems in Gaston and Catawba counties, Mooresville Regional Office
Rocky Durham (704) 235-2132 "Drinking Water" Environmental Engineer All Rowan & Union county Community, NTNC & TNC well systems except Aqua & Corriher systems. Water main projects in Rowan, Cabarrus & Union counties.
Mark Hahn (704) 235-2125 Drinking Water: Senior Environmental Specialist, Municipal drinking water in the following counties: Alexander, Cabarrus, Catawba, Cleveland, Iredell, Lincoln, Mecklenburg, and Union. Mooresville Regional Office
Paul Judge (704) 235-2123 Drinking Water: Hydrogeologist, community water systems Stanly, Cabarrus, Mecklenburg Iredell, Non community water systems Stanly Cabarrus Mecklenburg Mooresville Regional Office
Jerry Lael (704) 235-2122 Drinking Water: Environmental Specialist, NTNC and TNC water systems in Catawba, Iredell and Alexander Counties. Mooresville Regional Office.
Britt Setzer (704) 235-2127 Drinking Water: Regional Engineer, Program Supervision and Management, Mooresville Regional Office
Tom Spurling (704) 235-2121 Drinking Water: Environmental Specialist, NTNC and TNC water systems in Cleveland, Lincoln and Gaston Counties. Mooresville Regional Office.
Jeff Westmoreland (704) 235-2124 Drinking Water-Engineer: Coordinates with Aqua NC with all compliance issues in the MRO. Works with Corriher Water Systems on all issues. Answers engineering quesetions for well system projects and water main extensions in the MRO. Coordinates al
Alan Johnson (704) 235-2200 Wetland/Stream Impacts. Responsible for NCDOT 401 Water Quality Certifications needs for NCDOT Division #10 and #12 for the Mooresville Regional Office. Represent DWR at Merger Meetings, Preconstruction meeting, and any other meeting or site visits.
Marcia Allocco (704) 235-2204 NPDES wastewater program implementation (inspections, permit renewal, enforcement, database assistance [eDMR]), sewer extension permitting, citizen complaint response, emergency response actions, coordinate delegated program in Mecklenburg County.
James Bealle, III (704) 235-2162 Environmental Specialist
Wes Bell (704) 235-2192 Perform NPDES inspections, Pretreatment inspections/audits, bio-monitoring sampling, and complaint investigations pertaining to discharges to surface waters throughout the counties of the Mooresville Regional Office.
Michael Parker (704) 235-2194 Environmental Program Supervisor III
Bruce Parris (704) 235-2185 Hydrogeologist-Mooresville Region: Oversight of groundwater assessment and corrective actions at DWR permitted facilities; review and evaluation of non-discharge and UIC permit applications/renewals; research & evaluation of groundwater resources
Andrew Pitner (704) 235-2180 Environmental Program Supervisor III
Maria Schutte (704) 235-2184 Land Application of Residuals Inspections Non-Discharge Inspections Complaint Calls Wells
Barbara Sifford (704) 235-2196 NPDES compliance issues and SSOs and collection system compliance and capacity issues.
Kent Smith (704) 235-2197 Run the Ambient Monitoring Program in the MRO