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Water Quality Regional Operations


First Name Last Name Email Phone Position or Areas of Responsibility
Karen Prather (919) 807-6302 Provide Administrative support to the Water Quality Regional Operations Section Chief, in-house staff, and point-of-contact for the seven (7) Regional Offices as necessary. Knowledge of up-to-date policies and procedures which provides training and
Jay Zimmerman (919) 807-6351 Section Chief, Water Quality Regional Operations Section - responsible for water quality operations in the 7 regional offices, animal feeding operations and underground injection control.
Miressa Garoma (919) 807-6340 Soil Scientist
Jaya Joshi (919) 807-6341 - Animal waste (swine, cattle, poultry) permitting - Animal waste compliance - Manure hauler certification and compliance - Distribution of animal residuals permitting and compliance - Maintain database of statewide CAFO facilities. - Technical
Christine Lawson (919) 807-6354 Engineer
Mike Rogers (919) 807-6406 Hydrogeologist. Reviews Underground Injection Control (UIC) permits and assists UIC Program Manager with compliance. Contact for 15A NCAC 2C .0100 and .0200
Thomas Slusser (919) 807-6412 Underground Injection Control (UIC) Program Manager. Responsible to oversee UIC permits, compliance and enforcement. Liaison with Region 4. Responsible for updates to 15A NCAC 2C .0200
Eric Smith (919) 807-6407 Hydrogeologist. Compliance and Enforcement for the Groundwater Protection branch. Contact for well construction issues. Responsible for 15A NCAC 2C .0100
Debra Watts (919) 807-6338 Supervisor, Groundwater Protection Branch (GPB). GPB oversees the permitting and compliance of underground injection control wells, groundwater remediation and well construction.
James Aaron (828) 296-4652 Environmental Senior Technician
Ted Campbell (828) 296-4683 Hydrogeologist
Janet Cantwell (828) 296-4667 Environmental Specialist
Chuck Cranford (828) 296-4650 Provide supervision to regional office staff involved in wastewater and wetlands permitting (401 Water Quality Certifications) and compliance. Provide technical guidance and education to the public.
Landon Davidson (828) 296-4680 Unit supervisor.
Tim Fox (828) 296-4664 Environmental Specialist
Brett Laverty (828) 296-4681 Hydrogeologist
Jeff Menzel (828) 296-4658 Environmental Specialist
Andrew Moore (828) 296-4684 Environmental Senior Technician
Beverly Price (828) 296-4685 Non-Discharge permitting, compliance, complaints and emergency response.
Linda Wiggs (828) 296-4653 Environmental Senior Specialist
Edward Williams (828) 296-4686 Environmental Specialist
Trent Allen (910) 433-3322 Engineer
Jim Barber (910) 433-3340 Permitting non-discharge wastewater systems(spray irrigation, residuals land application, composting, etc.),well permitting(100K/day, monitoring, geothermal, well variances, remediation),GW-59 review,technical assistance,inquiries & complaints.
Mark Brantley (910) 433-3327 Environmental Sr Specialist
Billy Dunlap (910) 433-3334 Environmental Specialist
Steven Guyton (910) 433-3341 Environmental Specialist
Belinda Henson (910) 433-3326 Environmental Program Supervisor III
Tony Honeycutt (910) 433-3339 Non-Discharge System Inspections (Sprsy Irrigation/Land Application) Technical Assistance/Complaints NDMR Validation Animal Inspections as needed Other duties as asigned
Robert Marble (910) 433-3338 Environmental Specialist
Chad Turlington (910) 433-3320 Environmental Specialist - Non-DOT 401 Certification permitting and compliance.
Hughie White (910) 433-3308 Environmental Specialist
Marcia Allocco (704) 235-2204 NPDES wastewater program implementation (inspections, permit renewal, enforcement, database assistance [eDMR]), sewer extension permitting, citizen complaint response, emergency response actions, coordinate delegated program in Mecklenburg County.
James Bealle, III (704) 235-2162 Environmental Specialist
Wes Bell (704) 235-2192 Environmental Specialist
Michael Parker (704) 235-2194 Environmental Program Supervisor III
Bruce Parris (704) 235-2185 Hydrogeologist
Andrew Pitner (704) 235-2180 Environmental Program Supervisor III
Maria Schutte (704) 235-2184 Environmental Specialist
Barbara Sifford (704) 235-2196 NPDES compliance issues and SSOs and collection system compliance and capacity issues.
Kent Smith (704) 235-2197 Environmental Senior Technician
Jane Bernard (919) 791-4236 Environmental Specialist
Rick Bolich (919) 791-4232 Environmental Program Supervisor III
James Graham (919) 791-4317 Environmental Specialist
Mitch Hayes (919) 791-4261 Environmental Specialist
Sara Knies (919) 791-4258 Environmental Specialist
Cory Larsen (919) 791-4233 Environmental engineer for non-discharge permitting programs at Raleigh Regional Office.
Ray Milosh (919) 791-4240 Environmental Specialist
Eric Rice (919) 791-4242 Hydrogeologist
Jerry Rimmer (919) 791-4237 Monitor permit compliance. Assist with WWTP operations as requested to insure permit compliance. Respond to public inquiries or complaints. Assist with response to releases to the environment or to storm damage to reduce environmental impact.
Autumn Romanski (919) 791-4255 Environmental Program Consultant
Joan Schneier (919) 791-4234 Environmental Specialist, Raleigh Regional Office. CAFOs in Johnston Co,Single family spray/drip wastewater systems in Chatham Co, Single family geothermal well permitting in all RRO Counties,GIS.
Cherri Smith (919) 791-4251 Environmental Senior Specialist
Danny Smith (919) 791-4252 Environmental Program Supervisor III
Buster Towell (919) 791-4239 Environmental Senior Specialist
Mack Wiggins (919) 791-4248 Environmental Specialist
Cheng Zhang (919) 791-4259 Environmental Senior Specialist
Robbie Bullock (252) 948-3843 WWTP Consultant
Don Burke (252) 948-3845 Environmental Specialist
Allen Clark (252) 984-3968 Environmental Specialist
William Hart (252) 948-3911 Hydrogeologist
David May (252) 948-3939 Environmental Program Supervisor III
Marlene Salyer (252) 948-3846 Environmental Senior Specialist
Anthony Scarbraugh (252) 948-3924 Environmental Senior Specialist
Roberto Scheller (252) 948-3940 Environmental Senior Specialist
Randy Sipe (252) 948-3849 Hydrogeologist
Megan Stilley (252) 948-3947 Environmental Specialist
Robert Tankard (252) 948-3921 Engineer
Jim Bushardt (910) 796-7341 Engineer
Chad Coburn (910) 796-7379 Environmental Senior Specialist
Justin Davis (910) 796-7327 Environmental Specialist
John Farnell (910) 796-7388 Environmental Engineer
Amanda Gaines (910) 796-7380 Environmental Specialist
Stephanie Garrett (910) 796-7245 Environmental Senior Technician
Jim Gregson (910) 796-7386 Environmental Program Supervisor III
Dean Hunkele (910) 796-7387 Senior Environmental Specialist; Duties in normal order of priority: Sewer system permitting, sewer system operation compliance, NPDES wastewater data reporting, wastewater treatment compliance
Geoff Kegley (910) 796-7328 Hydrogeologist-Wilmington Region: Compliance, permitting, and groundwater monitoring for non-discharge wastewater facilities and land application of residuals. Well construction permits for geothermal, off-site monitoring & large capacity wells
Kevin Rowland (910) 796-7436 Environmental Specialist
Morella Sanchez King (910) 796-7215 Environmental Program Supervisor III
Joanne Steenhuis (910) 796-7306 Environmental Senior Specialist
Thomas Tharrington (910) 796-7324 Water/waste Water Treatment Plnt Consult
Corey Basinger (336) 771-4963 Environmental Program Supervisor III
Stephen Berry (336) 771-5288 Winston-Salem Regional Office: All non-discharge systems in Alamance, Davie, Guilford, Randolph, Rockingham and Stokes; AFO's in Davie, Guilford and Stokes; Well construction permitting including geothermal; water quality complaints in Davie
Ron Boone (336) 771-4967 Environmental Specialist
Jenifer Carter (336) 771-4957 NPDES wastewater permit compliance inspections, water quality complaints, & Emergency Response (regulatory only/ not as a first responder) in Davidson and Caswell Counties. Pretreatment Inspections throught the Winston-Salem Region.
Jennifer Graznak (336) 771-4960 Environmental Specialist
Sue Homewood (336) 771-4964 Environmental Senior Specialist
Gary Hudson (336) 771-4954 WWTP Consultant
John Iverson (336) 771-4958 Environmental Senior Technician
Sherri Knight (336) 771-5280 Environmental Regional Supervisor
Michael Mickey (336) 771-4962 Environmental Program Consultant
Patrick Mitchell (336) 771-5285 Permitting and Compliance for Non-Discharge Wastewater Systems (e.g. Wastewater Irrigation Systems, Land Application / Distribution of Residuals/Biosolids, Wastewater Closed-Loop Systems) in the Winston-Salem Region. Also Animal Feeding Operations
Melissa Rosebrock (336) 771-5289 Animal waste compliance and enforcement.
George Smith (336) 771-4968 Environmental Senior Specialist
Lonnie Snider (336) 771-4956 Environmental Specialist
Shuying Wang (336) 771-5287 Hydro. Oversee site assessments and corrective action plans at coal ash facilities and GW incidents caused from DWR permitted facilities and agricultural practices; evaluate naturally-occurring contamination; review GW remedial permit applications; R