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It is the responsibility of the Public Water Supply Section to regulate public water systems within the state under the statutory authority of G.S. 130A Article 10. Public water systems are those which provide piped drinking water to at least 15 connections or 25 or more people 60 or more days per year.

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There are more than 6,000 regulated public water systems in the state.   About three-fourths of the state's population lives in areas served by community water systems, while many others and visitors to the state are served by other types of public water systems, such as workplaces, schools, parks or restaurants.   The section has branches and programs for:

  • Implementation of the mandates of the federal Safe Drinking Water Act;
  • Review and approval of plans and specifications for new and expanding or improving water systems;
  • Inspections, investigations, and technical assistance for water systems;
  • Emergency responses and complaint investigations;
  • Source water assessment, protection, and wellhead protection;
  • Capacity development; and
  • Administration of an operating fee permit program.

In the absence of these responsibilities, the consuming public would be subjected to risks such as drinking contaminated water and having substandard drinking water facilities.

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To promote public health by ensuring that safe, potable water is available in adequate quantities to the residents and visitors of North Carolina served by public water systems by assuring that such systems are properly located, constructed, operated, and maintained.


North Carolinians are consistently served a safe, reliable supply of drinking water by compliant water systems.

Mailing Address
Public Water Supply Section
Division of Water Resources
1634 Mail Service Center
Raleigh, NC 27699-1634

Physical Address
Public Water Supply Section
Division of Water Resources
512 North Salisbury Street
Room 1304 A
Raleigh, NC 27604-1170

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