NC Division of Water Resources

North Carolina Groundwater Data

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Visual Hydrogeologic Framework. Access the hydrogeologic, geophysical log, and groundwater level databases through input of latitude, longitude and depth of well in the North Carolina coastal plain.

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Groundwater Data Map Interface. Use our map interface to view and query the data maintained by the Groundwater Management Branch and access many other data sources.

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Search databases. Query all the databases including groundwater quality for information near your point of interest.

These databases are "works-in-progress" and are made available to the general public after best efforts to screen out errors -- but we may have missed a few. We encourage everyone who uses this data to help us check for mistakes or omissions (email us if you find problems). Also, please contact us if you would like to donate information to be incorporated in our databases. The "quad" designation definition and a conversion program between latitude & longitude, state plane and quad is available. All latitudes and longitudes are in decimal degree format and GPSed wells use NAD 83 (horizontal) and NAVD88 (vertical). Groundwater climatic response is best seen in the Drought Indicator Wells subset of the network. North Carolina is a member of the National Ground-Water Monitoring Network whose portal gives the end user access to wells located throughout the United States to visualize multi-state aquifer conditions.