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Drought Indicator Wells

plot of latest gw level ranking
plot of latest gw level ranking legend

Water level in status table ranked against historical data for the matching month through 2020.

Contoured baseflow (circles) and well (triangles) percentile data. Current or selected month ranked against data from same month in previous years (1965 - 2020). Graphic is re-drawn each Tuesday.

Abnormally Dry
< 2 2 - 5 5 - 10 10 - 20 20 - 30


30 - 70> 70

The NC Division of Water Resources, US Geological Survey and local networks monitor groundwater levels in the listed wells to measure the impact of rainfall (or the lack of rainfall). These wells are chosen as Drought Indicator Wells because they respond to rainfall quickly and their levels are a measure of the amount of water stored in the subsurface which is available to discharge to surface water features. The "status" column is a comparison between the current month represented by the date and the ranking of all levels recorded in that month in previous years. Links on the upper map give the user access to monthly percentile plots for each well. The lower map is the DWR Drought Image, which brings together groundwater levels measured in wells and calculated baseflow from stream gages. Clicking on that map links the user to another web page with more information about how this graphic is derived. You may view these wells, gages and current drought image in our map interface.

You may choose a different month and year of interest or type of comparison below and the web page will be redrawn. The Drought Management Advisory Council (DMAC) monitors drought conditions in North Carolina and depicts drought using the US Drought Monitor's standard set of percentiles.

Status colors based on DMAC Percentile comparison between current level
and record through 2020.
Comparison type: Month and Year:

Today: April 21, 2021

1Columbus93Feb 4, 2021PolkBroad4642
2Kelly63Feb 16, 2021BladenCape Fear4036
3Southport (BR-083)42Apr 19, 2021BrunswickCape Fear5147
4General Timber86Mar 25, 2021ChathamCape Fear894
5Seabrook School87Jan 27, 2021CumberlandCape Fear3940
6Rose Hill (NC-222R)76Apr 19, 2021DuplinCape Fear3952
7Pink Hill96Jan 27, 2021DuplinCape Fear1098
8Hagan Stone Park98Mar 10, 2021GuilfordCape Fear1877
9Gibsonville94Apr 20, 2021GuilfordCape Fear5338
10Summerfield (Jack Dent Park)100Mar 10, 2021GuilfordCape Fear1877
11Prison Farm94Mar 10, 2021GuilfordCape Fear1780
12Gibson Park100Mar 10, 2021GuilfordCape Fear1883
13Knox Road100Mar 10, 2021GuilfordCape Fear1878
14Triad Park100Mar 10, 2021GuilfordCape Fear1881
15Station 45 (Humble Road)100Mar 10, 2021GuilfordCape Fear1554
16NH Correctional Institute **91Feb 9, 2021New HanoverCape Fear894
17Camp Lejeune97Feb 10, 2021OnslowCape Fear3490
18COL-388Feb 24, 2021OrangeCape Fear10100
19Blackwood Farm Bedrock96Mar 2, 2021OrangeCape Fear11100
20Millhouse Road99Feb 24, 2021OrangeCape Fear11100
21COL-189Feb 24, 2021OrangeCape Fear1099
22UNC Campus95Jan 29, 2021OrangeCape Fear6533
23DF-4D98Feb 24, 2021OrangeCape Fear1367
24COL-488Feb 24, 2021OrangeCape Fear1099
25Eubanks Road97Feb 24, 2021OrangeCape Fear11100
26Topsail Beach13Apr 20, 2021PenderCape Fear3745
27NC Zoo91Apr 20, 2021RandolphCape Fear4939
28Halls72Jan 25, 2021SampsonCape Fear4039
29Glen Alpine (BK-126)88Apr 19, 2021BurkeCatawba5141
30Troutman93Apr 20, 2021IredellCatawba5255
31Hornets Nest Park72Apr 20, 2021MecklenburgCatawba25100
32Roxobel83Mar 29, 2021BertieChowan22100
33Como51Apr 20, 2021HertfordChowan4044
34Bent Creek68Feb 9, 2021BuncombeFrench Broad9100
35Champion (HW-047)60Apr 19, 2021HaywoodFrench Broad6597
36Blantyre (NC-144)96Apr 19, 2021TransylvaniaFrench Broad4099
37Pisgah Forest (NC-147)81Apr 19, 2021TransylvaniaFrench Broad3698
38American Thread (NC-192)17Apr 19, 2021CherokeeHiwassee32100
39Bryson City79Apr 20, 2021SwainLittle Tennessee5641
40Bladenboro99Feb 2, 2021BladenLumber4537
41Calabash (BR-381) **83Apr 19, 2021BrunswickLumber7100
42Clarendon75Apr 20, 2021ColumbusLumber4526
43Magnolia School98Feb 1, 2021RobesonLumber4337
44Rowland100Feb 22, 2021RobesonLumber5018
45Jordan Creek (NC-194)99Apr 19, 2021ScotlandLumber2788
46Cove City71Jan 27, 2021CravenNeuse3640
47Cherry Point94Mar 3, 2021CravenNeuse3152
48Cleveland89Mar 7, 2021JohnstonNeuse1691
49Comfort (NC-173)48Apr 19, 2021JonesNeuse3569
50Graingers100Feb 9, 2021LenoirNeuse2579
51Caldwell94Jan 29, 2021OrangeNeuse5227
52911 Center88Mar 2, 2021OrangeNeuse8100
53Whortonsville89Jan 26, 2021PamlicoNeuse4329
54Grantham (NC-148)7Apr 19, 2021WayneNeuse4157
55Stantonsburg72Mar 11, 2021WilsonNeuse1984
56Laurel Springs47Apr 20, 2021AlleghanyNew5041
57Beaver Creek70Mar 22, 2021AsheNew5152
58Manteo Airport50Apr 20, 2021DarePasquotank3749
59Elizabeth City (NC-195)66Apr 19, 2021PasquotankPasquotank3089
60Big Flatty Creek89Mar 25, 2021PasquotankPasquotank4520
61Gum Neck91Jan 26, 2021TyrrellPasquotank4438
62Lewiston91Apr 19, 2021BertieRoanoke3848
63Upper Piedmont RS (RK-239)86Apr 19, 2021RockinghamRoanoke1939
64Van Swamp (NC-158)37Apr 19, 2021WashingtonRoanoke2689
65Plymouth77Feb 10, 2021WashingtonRoanoke4050
66Godley95Feb 1, 2021BeaufortTar-Pamlico4042
67Old Sparta97Feb 16, 2021EdgecombeTar-Pamlico2179
68Bunn85Apr 20, 2021FranklinTar-Pamlico1590
69Oxford99Mar 10, 2021GranvilleTar-Pamlico5333
70Littleton90Mar 10, 2021HalifaxTar-Pamlico5332
71Gold Point66Mar 5, 2021MartinTar-Pamlico1995
72Simpson (NC-160)40Apr 19, 2021PittTar-Pamlico2789
73Warren County High School100Mar 10, 2021WarrenTar-Pamlico1082
74Atlantic85Mar 3, 2021CarteretWhite Oak4024
75Welcome100Jan 26, 2021DavidsonYadkin-PeeDee4945
76Mocksville (NC-142)96Apr 19, 2021DavieYadkin-PeeDee4097
77Densons Creek Park100Mar 29, 2021MontgomeryYadkin-PeeDee894
78Barber (NC-193)83Apr 19, 2021RowanYadkin-PeeDee3195
79Monroe33Apr 20, 2021UnionYadkin-PeeDee5240
80Wilkesboro87Apr 20, 2021WilkesYadkin-PeeDee4949
81East Bend VFD **54Mar 9, 2021YadkinYadkin-PeeDee796
Most Recent Water Level Compared to Historical Monthly Water Levels
     Above maximum - 10
     70 - 99th percentile - 54
     30 - 70th percentile - 14
     20 - 30th percentile (D0) - 0
     10 - 20th percentile (D1) - 2
     5 - 10th percentile (D2) - 1
     2 - 5th percentile (D3) - 0
     1 - 2nd percentile (D4) - 0
     Below minimum (D4) - 0
Average years of record: 32; Average percent daily measurements: 67