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Water Planning > Basin Planning

First Name Last Name Email Phone Location Position or Areas of Responsibility
Ian McMillan (919) 707-9026 Archdale Building
Room #1106C
Water Planning Branch Chief, Integrated River Basin Planning and Aquatic Ecology. This branch is responsible for the water quality and water quantity planning, performs water resources investigations on management issues and water yields for reservoirs.
Ginny Baker (919) 707-3875 Archdale Building
Room #1106D
Basin Planner - Yadkin-Pee Dee, Hiwassee
Nora Deamer-Melia (919) 707-9116 Archdale Building
Room #1106F
Environmental Program Consultant/Basin Planner and main point of contact for the Neuse, Tar-Pamlico and Cape Fear river basins. Assist with watershed nutrient over enrichment issues across the state.
Jenberu Feyyisa (919) 707-9025 Archdale Building
Room #1106B
Assist local watershed efforts by helping them improve and protect their waters by working with many different entities (gov't, academia, nonprofits, business, etc). Help identify problems, identify potential solutions, and leverage resources to address problems.
Robin Hoffman (919) 707-9114 Archdale Building
Room #1106K
Environmental Specialist ll- River Basin Planner - GIS; data review; assisting with the development of basin plans (Neuse and Cape Fear River Basins)
Francis Oggeri (919) 707-9001 Archdale Building
Room #1106H
Environmental Specialist ll- Basin Planner - Chowan, Pasquotank, Roanoke - GIS
Michelle Raquet (919) 707-9006 Archdale Building
Room #1106G
Environmental Specialist/Basin Planner and main point of contact for the Broad, French Broad, New and Watauga river basins. Involved with the Watershed Improvement Restoration Team and the Watershed Stewardship Network which assist local watershed planning efforts.
Forest Shepherd (919) 707-9042 Archdale Building
Room #1106J
Chowan, Pasquotank, Roanoke
Fred Tarver (919) 707-9029 Archdale Building
Room #1106M
Stream Flow Policy and Project Review; Hydropower; Basin Planner [Savannah].