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Water Planning > Classifications & Standards, Rules Review

First Name Last Name Email Phone Location Position or Areas of Responsibility
Tonya Godwin (919) 707-3674 Archdale Building
Room #625C
Provide administrative support for Classifications and Standards/Rules Review Branch, Assist GW Planning & Environmental Review, Modeling & Assessment and Non-Point Source Planning Branches when needed, Prepare Travel authorizations and reimb
Peter Johnston (919) 707-9011 Archdale Building
Room #711F
Rulemaking process, Laserfiche, training documentation.
Betsy Kountis (919) 707-3685 Archdale Building
Room #711L
Conduct research and rulemaking to identify and establish management strategies for water resources via surface water reclassifications, provide customer guidance regarding surface water classifications and reclassifcations
Jeff Manning (919) 707-3676 Archdale Building
Room #625B
Classifications & Standards, Rules Review Branch Chief. This branch is responsible for development and assistance with interpretation and implementation of the state's surface water and groundwater quality standards and surface water body cl
Susie Meadows (919) 707-9033 Archdale Building
Room #711G
Water Quality Standards development and assistance
Bridget Shelton (919) 707-9022 Archdale Building
Room #711M
Review and development of groundwater quality standards
Chris Ventaloro (919) 707-9016 Archdale Building
Room #711H
Industrial Hygiene Consultant
Julie Ventaloro (919) 707-9117 Archdale Building
Room #625H
fiscal analysis for rulemaking
Adriene Weaver (919) 707-3692 Archdale Building
Room #711K
Environmental Senior Specialist ll