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Water Planning > Modeling & Assessment

First Name Last Name Email Phone Location Position or Areas of Responsibility
Pam Behm (919) 707-3687 Archdale Building
Room #711C
Modeling & Assessment Branch Chief. Oversee development of water quality and hydrologic models and TMDLs; assessments including integrated (305(b)) reports, trend and other analyses, and natural conditions; restoration tracking.
Bongghi Hong (919) 707-3691 Archdale Building
Room #711P
Perform modeling. For 303(d)-listed waters, develop TMDLs (or TMDL alternatives) with Division goals and federal regulations. Develop scientifically defensible water quality models supported by water quality data, and provide technical support for NPDES
Adugna Kebede-Wondimu (919) 707-3694 Archdale Building
Room #711S
Hydrology and water quality modeling; TMDL development; data analysis.
Jing Lin (919) 707-3688 Archdale Building
Room #711R
Water quality modeling; Total Maximum Daily Load (TMDL) development.
Cam McNutt (919) 707-3690 Archdale Building
Room #711N
Water quality assessment. Implementation tracking. Data coordination and analysis. GIS data development and coordination.
Andy Painter (919) 707-3689 Archdale Building
Room #711B
TMDL Development; GIS mapping and analysis; Data analysis; Water quality modeling.
Narayan Rajbhandari (919) 707-3693 Archdale Building
Room #711Q
Develop TMDLs and water quality models. Perform statistical analyses. Review documentation of models submitted to DWR. Perform natural conditions assessments for pH and dissolved oxygen.
Neela Sarwar (919) 707-9028 Archdale Building
Room #711E
Hydrologic Modeler - Modeling and Assessment Branch. Responsible for hydrologic model development, maintenance and assessment for river basin/drought management for all 17 river basins in NC.