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Public Water Supply

First Name Last Name Email Phone Location Position or Areas of Responsibility
Celena Alford (252) 948-3892 Washington
Room #E108
Engineer, Drinking Water, Public Water Supply, Washington Regional Office
Robbie Bullock (252) 948-3843 Environmental Sr. Specialist
Gary Davis (252) 948-3897 Environmental Senior Technician
William Hart (252) 948-3911 Hydrogeologist
Victoria Herdt (252) 948-3911 Washington
Room #M100
Environmental Specialist
Tina Martin (252) 948-3924 Environmental Senior Specialist
David May (252) 948-3939 Washington
Room #H116
Environmental Regional Supervisor
Paul Mays (252) 948-3940 Environmental Specialist
Jamie Midgette (252) 948-3890 Washington
Room #E103
Drinking Water, Regional Engineer, Public Water Supply Section, Engineering Supervisor, Washington Regional Office.
Jill Paxson (252) 948-3898 Environmental Senior Specialist
Robert Pullinger (252) 948-3922 Washington
Room #Q105
Environmental Senior Specialist
Marlene Salyer (252) 948-3846 Environmental Senior Specialist
Burt Simons (252) 948-3896 Environmental Senior Technician
Randy Sipe (252) 948-3849 Hydrogeologist
Glenn Stewart (252) 948-3966 Washington
Room #WARO
Environmental Specialist I
Megan Stilley (252) 948-3947 Environmental Specialist
Robert Tankard (252) 948-3921 Assistant Regional Supervisor
Sarah Toppen (252) 948-3845 Washington
Room #M102
Environmental Specialist II
Garcy Ward (252) 948-3922 Environmental Senior Specialist. Permitting and compliance for NC DOT projects in DOT Divisions 1 and 2.
Joey White (252) 948-3894 Drinking Water: Environmental Specialist, transient non-community water systems, Washington Regional Office
Clif Whitfield (252) 948-3893 Washington
Room #E 110
Drinking Water: Environmental Engineer, Public Water Supply Section, Washington Regional Office