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Water Planning

First Name Last Name Email Phone Location Position or Areas of Responsibility
Karen Higgins (919) 707-3630 Archdale Building
Room #1106V
Water Planning Section Chief, The Water Planning Section develops standards, rules and management strategies to protect water quality, carries out water supply planning, provides guidance to local water systems and monitors drought conditions.
Ian McMillan (919) 707-9026 Archdale Building
Room #1106C
Water Planning Branch Chief, Integrated River Basin Planning and Aquatic Ecology. This branch is responsible for the water quality and water quantity planning, performs water resources investigations on management issues and water yields for reservoirs.
Linwood Peele (919) 707-9024 Archdale Building
Room #1117E
Local Water Supply Planning, Water Shortage Response Planning, Water Withdrawals and Transfers Registration, Interbasin Transfer, Water Conservation and Water Use Efficiency, Water Supply Assistance & Development, Drought Issues
Klaus Albertin (919) 707-9035 Archdale Building
Room #1117F
Local Water Supply Plan, Water Shortage Response Plan, Water Use Efficiency, Water Supply Assistance, Drought Monitoring, Planning and Response, Drought Management Advisory Council, Environmental Document Review, Dam Safety Review
Vardry Austin (919) 707-9002 Archdale Building
Room #1117P1
Local Water Supply Plans, Water Shortage Response Plans, Water Use Efficiency, Water Audits, Water Supply Assistance, Water Withdrawal Registration, Environmental Document Review, Dam Safety Review
Ginny Baker (919) 707-3875 Archdale Building
Room #1106D
Basin Planner - Yadkin-Pee Dee, Hiwassee
John Barr (919) 707-9021 Archdale Building
Room #1117K
Water Withdrawal Registration, Water Use and Conservation, & Water Supply Planning
Rishi Bastakoti (919) 707-3623 Archdale Building
Room #625P
Administers 319(h) Grant Program. Assists 205(j) Grant Administrator. NC Nonpoint Source Program planning.
Patrick Beggs (919) 707-3672 Archdale Building
Room #625M
Coordinates implementation of Jordan nutrient strategy. Coordinates Nutrient Scientific Advisory Board.
Pam Behm (919) 707-3687 Archdale Building
Room #711C
Modeling & Assessment Branch Chief. Oversee development of water quality and hydrologic models and TMDLs; assessments including integrated (305(b)) reports, trend and other analyses, and natural conditions; restoration tracking.
Harold Brady (919) 707-9005 Archdale Building
Room #1117J
Water Supply Planning & Development, Local Water Supply Planning & Environmental Document Review
Verean Chineke (919) 707-9069 Archdale Building
Room #1106Y
Provide administrative support to the Water Planning Section Chief, Division Director, branch chiefs and employees within the section. Maintain the Division of Water Resources Meeting Room Booking system vehicles and conference rooms, Support IT staff and telecommunications. Process travel, surplus and inventory.
Trish D'Arconte (919) 707-3678 Archdale Building
Room #625N
Nutrient strategies coordination and technical support: Jordan/Falls Stormwater Accounting Tool expert; develops crediting specifications for nutrient practices; develops nutrient trading framework; support to Jordan and Falls Lakes nutrient rules implementation.
Lauren Daniel (919) 707-9009 Archdale Building
Room #1117G
Project WET, It's Our Water, Stream Watch Program, Water Resources Outreach, Public Education Outreach, & Water Conservation Activities
Nora Deamer-Melia (919) 707-9116 Archdale Building
Room #1106F
Environmental Program Consultant/Basin Planner and main point of contact for the Neuse, Tar-Pamlico and Cape Fear river basins. Assist with watershed nutrient over enrichment issues across the state.
Rob Emens (919) 707-9012 Archdale Building
Room #1117P
Aquatic Weed Control Program Aquatic Nuisance Species / Aquatic Invasive Species
Jenberu Feyyisa (919) 707-9025 Archdale Building
Room #1106B
Assist local watershed efforts by helping them improve and protect their waters by working with many different entities (gov't, academia, nonprofits, business, etc). Help identify problems, identify potential solutions, and leverage resources to address problems.
Rich Gannon (919) 707-3673 Archdale Building
Room #625R
NC Nonpoint Source Program supervisor. Lead staff implementing Neuse, Tar-Pamlico, Jordan, Falls High Rock and other nutrient strategies. Lead staff administering federal Clean Water Act 319 and 205j grants.
Andrew Gay (919) 707-9020 Archdale Building
Room #1117E1
Aquatic Weed Control
Tonya Godwin (919) 707-3674 Archdale Building
Room #625C
Provide administrative support for Classifications and Standards/Rules Review Branch, Assist GW Planning & Environmental Review, Modeling & Assessment and Non-Point Source Planning Branches when needed, Prepare Travel authorizations and reimb
Robin Hoffman (919) 707-9114 Archdale Building
Room #1106K
Environmental Specialist ll- River Basin Planner - GIS; data review; assisting with the development of basin plans (Neuse and Cape Fear River Basins)
Bongghi Hong (919) 707-3691 Archdale Building
Room #711P
Perform modeling. For 303(d)-listed waters, develop TMDLs (or TMDL alternatives) with Division goals and federal regulations. Develop scientifically defensible water quality models supported by water quality data, and provide technical support for NPDES
John Huisman (919) 707-3677 Archdale Building
Room #625Q
Coordinates nutrient rules re-adoption process and Jordan and Falls Lakes nutrient strategies implementation. Develops credit specifications for nutrient practices.
Peter Johnston (919) 707-9011 Archdale Building
Room #711F
Rulemaking process, Laserfiche, training documentation.
Adugna Kebede-Wondimu (919) 707-3694 Archdale Building
Room #711S
Hydrology and water quality modeling; TMDL development; data analysis.
Betsy Kountis (919) 707-3685 Archdale Building
Room #711L
Conduct research and rulemaking to identify and establish management strategies for water resources via surface water reclassifications, provide customer guidance regarding surface water classifications and reclassifcations
Jing Lin (919) 707-3688 Archdale Building
Room #711R
Water quality modeling; Total Maximum Daily Load (TMDL) development.
Jeff Manning (919) 707-3676 Archdale Building
Room #625B
Classifications & Standards, Rules Review Branch Chief. This branch is responsible for development and assistance with interpretation and implementation of the state's surface water and groundwater quality standards and surface water body cl
Cam McNutt (919) 707-3690 Archdale Building
Room #711N
Water quality assessment. Implementation tracking. Data coordination and analysis. GIS data development and coordination.
Susie Meadows (919) 707-9033 Archdale Building
Room #711G
Water Quality Standards development and assistance
Louis Murray (919) 707-9017 Archdale Building
Room #1117M
Local Water Supply Plan, Water Shortage Response Plan, Water Use Efficiency, Water Supply Assistance, Eno River Water Management, Drought Planning & Environmental Document Review
Kim Nimmer (919) 707-9019 Archdale Building
Room #1117G
Interbasin Transfer Certification and Jordan Lake Water Supply Allocations
Francis Oggeri (919) 707-9001 Archdale Building
Room #1106H
Environmental Specialist ll- Basin Planner - Chowan, Pasquotank, Roanoke - GIS
Andy Painter (919) 707-3689 Archdale Building
Room #711B
TMDL Development; GIS mapping and analysis; Data analysis; Water quality modeling.
Narayan Rajbhandari (919) 707-3693 Archdale Building
Room #711Q
Develop TMDLs and water quality models. Perform statistical analyses. Review documentation of models submitted to DWR. Perform natural conditions assessments for pH and dissolved oxygen.
Michelle Raquet (919) 707-9006 Archdale Building
Room #1106G
Environmental Specialist/Basin Planner and main point of contact for the Broad, French Broad, New and Watauga river basins. Involved with the Watershed Improvement Restoration Team and the Watershed Stewardship Network which assist local watershed planning efforts.
Kelsey Rowland (919) 707-3679 Archdale Building
Room #625L
Manage the 205j Water Quality Planning and 319 Nonpoint Source Pollution grant programs. Lead competitive project selection process, administer contracts and report on grant program deliverables to EPA. Conduct periodic outreach about grant program and watershed planning and site visits to current and recently completed grant projects.
Neela Sarwar (919) 707-9028 Archdale Building
Room #711E
Hydrologic Modeler - Modeling and Assessment Branch. Responsible for hydrologic model development, maintenance and assessment for river basin/drought management for all 17 river basins in NC.
Bridget Shelton (919) 707-9022 Archdale Building
Room #711M
Review and development of groundwater quality standards
Forest Shepherd (919) 707-9042 Archdale Building
Room #1106J
Chowan, Pasquotank, Roanoke
Fred Tarver (919) 707-9029 Archdale Building
Room #1106M
Stream Flow Policy and Project Review; Hydropower; Basin Planner [Savannah].
Chris Ventaloro (919) 707-9016 Archdale Building
Room #711H
Industrial Hygiene Consultant
Julie Ventaloro (919) 707-9117 Archdale Building
Room #625H
fiscal analysis for rulemaking
David Wainwright (919) 707-9045 Archdale Building
Room #1106E
SEPA Coordinator: Potable and Wastewater Projects; DWR Clearinghouse Contact
Adriene Weaver (919) 707-3692 Archdale Building
Room #711K
Environmental Senior Specialist ll
Joyce Wilson (919) 707-9031 Archdale Building
Room #1117D
Data Entry, Clerical and Administrative Support, & Receptionist