Model Description


Jordan Lake operates with two independent accounts for the volume of water within the reservoir pool.  These accounts are for water supply and water quality augmentation.   These separate pools are analagous to separate checking accounts in a bank.   Funds are added or subtracted from each account without affecting the balance in the other account.  Similarly, water that flows into Jordan Lake is assigned to the two pools based on the percent of the total flow. Water that flows out of the lake, either through the dam (water quality augmentation) or through water supply intakes, is subtracted from the appropriate volume of storage within the pool.

Need for a Basin Model

A model of the Cape Fear River Basin is needed to assist decision makers involved in the allocation and interbasin transfer processes, as well as providing a sound basis for management of the lake during droughts.   Without a functioning model, the impacts of proposed IBT's and efficient drought management of the pool must be left inevitably to subjective estimation, ie. guesswork.

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