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This page contains a list of scheduled work in progress project events, and key milestones and deliverables.

Work in Progress

This is what we're working on:

Work Underway (11 May 1999)

  1. Gathering and processing baseline hydrology data
  2. Gathering information on agricultural water uses in the watershed
  3. Completing Phase I model revisions
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Joint Work Session to Setup Phase I Model

Monday, 24 May to Friday, 4 June

Location:    Moffatt & Nichol Offices in Raleigh

Purpose:    A joint work session among Moffatt & Nichol/ DHI/ DNR/ Corps of Engineers & Stakeholder Representatives to participate in setting up the Phase I model.  This work session marks the transition from model code development and data collection to setting up the model to produce the 1st useable results.

Time:         Daily Throughout this period.

Technical Review Committee

Date of Next Meeting to be Announced

        Location:     To be announced

        Time:          To be announced  

Steering Committee

Date of Next Meeting to be Announced

Location:    To be announced

Time:         To be announced

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Milestones and Deliverables

Phase I Activities

Start Up Meeting 25 Feb 99
Complete Data Collection 15 Apr 99
Complete Model Code Revisions 15 Apr 99
Phase I Model Verified 30 Jun 99
Complete Documentation 31 Jul 99
Phase I Training Sessions Aug 99
Complete Phase I 31 Aug 99

Phase II Activities

Begin Phase II 01 Sep 99
Complete Phase II Model Code Revisions 01 Oct 99
Complete Model Runs 01 Nov 99
Complete Phase II Documentation 20 Nov 99
Phase II Training Sessions Dec 99
Phase II & Project Complete 31 Dec 99


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