Roanoke River Basin Information & Model


Roanoke River Basin Reservoir Operations Model

The Roanoke River Basin Reservoir Operations Model (RRBROM) is a reservoir operations model of the major reservoirs in the Roanoke River Basin. RRBROM is being developed for the Division of Water Resources, NC DENR and The Nature Conservancy by Hydrologics (formerly Water Resources Management, Inc.) RRBROM is a MS-Windows based, mass-balance simulation model. The model is available to anyone interested in studying the Roanoke River Basin (please read Conditions of Use). The model available to anyone, however we ask that you register by:

RRBROM is a simulation/optimization model of the major impoundments on the Roanoke River. It operates on a daily, weekly, or monthly timestep and runs in 32-bit mode under Windows 3.1, 3.11, and Windows 95.

OS/2 Warp does not support the version of the Wins32s package required to run RRBROM. It is our understanding that IBM is currently working on a maintenance release that should remedy this situation and permit RRBROM to be run under OS/2.

The minimum recommended system configuration is a 486-class PC with 8 MB of RAM and at least 20 MB of free hard disk space.

The complete set of files needed to install the Roanoke River Basin Reservoir Operations Model (RRBROM), Version 3, are contained on the following two self-extracting zipped files: DISK1.EXE and DISK2.EXE. After saving these two files, copy DISK1.EXE to an empty subdirectory where it can be exploded. Then copy the exploded files onto a floppy disk and label it:

RRBROM, Disk 1
Version 3

Next, copy DISK2.EXE to a separate sub-directory and explode it. Then copy these exploded files onto another floppy disk and label it as RRBROM, Disk 2. Once these two installation diskettes are created, follow the instructions in the INSTALL.TXT file on Disk 1.


Because the program runs in 32-bit mode, the Win32s add-on package to Windows is required. This feature may or may not already be on your computer. If you are not sure whether you computer is configured with Win32s, we suggest that you first install only the model (RRBROM) and try to run it. If you get an error message saying that Win32s is required, obtain from Microsoft the current version of Win32s. You can get Win32s from Microsofts Web Site ( You will not need to re-install the model after installing the Win32s subsystem.

Model Background Data

Disk 1 -- Daily evaporation and monthly water consumption for the Roanoke River Basin.
Disk 2 -- Daily inflow data for Kerr Reservoir and Philpott Reservoir.
Disk 3 -- Daily inflow data for Lake Gaston, Roanoke Rapids Reservoir, Smith Mountain Reservoir, and Leesville Reservoir. Daily inflow data for the Roanoke River at Hamilton, NC.

Disk 1, 2, and 3 contain self-exploding data files.

Roanoke River Water Flow Committee Data

Most of the data sets are grouped into 3 general categories:
pre-regulated period start-of-record to 7/31/1950
post-regulated period 8/1/1950 to 12/31/1987
experimental period 1/1/1988 to end-of-record
Available Data
DWR FTP Server(information & data exchange)
Self-extracting archive file containing Roanoke River Basin GIS coverages in Atlas*GIS, DXF, and ARC/INFO export formats.
Description, Status Map, Retrieve Data
Self-extracting archive file containing John H. Kerr inflow computations.
Description, Retrieve Data
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