Division of Water Resources

Aquatic Weed Control Program

The Aquatic Weed Control Act of 1991 directs and regulates the Aquatic Weed Control Program. The purpose of the program is to assist North Carolina citizens and local governments burdened with aquatic weed infestations. The philosophy is that by responding early to localized outbreaks the Division of Water Resources can mitigate the long-term economic and environmental impacts these species impose. Allowing aquatic weeds to spread, as with all invasive species, only exacerbates the problem.

What services are provided?

The program is well equipped and is able to provide management and eradication operations, infestation surveys, and site assessments. Staff is available to provide recommendations and offer free consultation. Financial assistance and operational support in the form of cost-share arrangements are available to Counties, Municipalities, Soil & Water Districts, Drainage Districts, Public Utilities, and other government agencies. Private landowners are eligible for technical assistance but not operational or financial support. Private landowners can also contact their county offices of the Agricultural Extension Service for further assistance.

How does one apply for financial assistance?

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Do you need help with aquatic weeds? Contact Rob Emens at (919) 707-9012.

Aquatic Weeds Are Problematic Because They:

What aquatic weeds are found in North Carolina?

All noxious aquatic weeds recognized by NCDENR

What methods are used to control aquatic weeds?