Promoting Development of Water Resources G.S. 113-8

Make investigations of water supplies and water powers, prepare and maintain a general inventory of water resources in the State, and take measures to promote their development.

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Advises Other Agencies for Planning PurposesG.S. 113-14.1(b)(5)

Advise and confer with other agencies in planning and implementing the overall program.

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Hurricane Flood Protection and Beach Erosion Control Project Revolving Fund G.S. 143.215.62

When funds are available, make advances from this fund to counties or municipalities for advance planning and engineering work that will promote preservation or construction of hurricane flood protection or beach erosion projects. Provide the county or municipality with an opinion on the project's impact on beach erosion control or protection from floodwater; on the prospects for federal financial aid; and on the impact on citizens of the financial outlays that would result from the project.

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Water Resources Development Plan G.S. 143-215.73A

Prepare a statewide plan for water resources development projects by July 1 of each calendar year for a period of six years into the future. Assign priorities to each project within categories and provide information on each project. Provide copies of the plan to the Director of the Budget who shall provide copies to the Advisory Budget Commission and the General Assembly along with the recommended budget.

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Assuring Cooperation with Federal Projects G.S. 143-354(a)(10)

Provide federal agencies assurances of nonfederal cooperation for water supply storage and other Congressionally authorized purposes in federal projects.

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Local and State Water Supply Plans G.S. 143-355(l), (m)

Provide technical assistance to local systems as they develop and adopt Local Water Supply Plans, which will include present and projected population and water use, present and planned future water supplies, and estimates of the need for technical assistance.

Develop a State Water Supply Plan to assure the availability of adequate supplies of good quality water to protect public health and support economic growth. Include the data in the local water supply plans and identify potential areas of conflict and cooperation throughout the State.
An expanded unofficial version of GS143-355(l) and (m) is available at this location: html version of the statute
An expanded unofficial version of GS143-355(l) and (m) is available at this location: pdf version of the statute

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