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We recognize that the COVID-19 outbreak and resulting travel restrictions will affect water systems and their staff. Please contact the Plan Review Engineer for your river basin (list of Basins and associated engineers) or Linwood Peele at if you need an extension for submitting your Local Water Supply Plan.

Beginning January 1, 2020, users submitting data using the Water Use Data Collection (WUDC) application will need an NCID to log in. This is a one-time registration that can be used across applications spanning multiple state departments, divisions, and agencies. More information can be found on the NCID FAQ page.

You can verify or make changes to your NCID account - including a reset of your password - by visiting the NCID login page.

If you do not already have an NCID, you may register for one in less than 5 minutes by visiting:

Once you have an NCID, please email your review engineer to have your account linked to the water system. After your account is linked, you can return to this page to log in.