1. To ensure that water supply users dependent on the Cape Fear River Basin have sufficient water supply available to meet their reasonable, projected needs through the Year 2050.
  2. To ensure that Jordan Lake water supply storage allocations are made consistent with a long-term water supply plan for the Cape Fear River Basin.
  3. To identify potential long-term water supply constraints and identify alternative approaches for meeting or managing long-term water needs in the study area.


Information Sources

Projection Method

Projected Supplies



1 This assumption is based on 15A NCAC 01C.0504(3)(b)(ii), which requires environmental documentation for improvements to water treatment plants that involve 1,000,000 gallons per day or more added capacity, or design withdrawals equal to one-fifth or more of the 7Q10 of the contributing stream. Without an instream habitat study or environmental documentation, we will assume that a given withdrawal below the aforementioned threshold has an acceptable impact on a contributing stream. This rule of thumb is being used as a rough screening method only, and has no regulatory significance as a limit on water withdrawals. Greater withdrawals may certainly be possible from any given stream.

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