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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Water Shortage Response Plan?

A Water Shortage Response Plan establishes authority for declaration of a water shortage, defines different stages of water shortage severity, and outlines appropriate responses for each stage. Recently adopted rules governing water use during droughts and water emergencies (15A NCAC 02E. 0607) stipulate specific requirements for WSRPs.

Who is required to prepare a Water Shortage Response Plan?

All public and privately owned water systems subject to G.S. 143-355 (l) are required to prepare and submit a WSRP as part of their Local Water Supply Plan. This includes all units of local government that provide or plan to provide public water service and all community water systems having 1,000 or more connections or serving more than 3,000 people in North Carolina.

When are Water Shortage Response Plans due?

Updated WSRPs are required every five years at a minimum. Updates may also be necessary to address changes such as population growth, new sources or additional demands for water or after implementation and evaluation of restriction effectiveness.

Where do I submit my Water Shortage Response Plan?

WSRPs may be submitted online or mailed to: Water Shortage Response Plan, NC Division of Water Resources, 1611 Mail Service Center, Raleigh, NC 27699-1611.

How will I know my Water Shortage Response Plan is complete?

Once submitted, a WSRP is considered approved until it is reviewed and either approved or disapproved by Division of Water Resources staff. Plans are reviewed for completeness and compliance with all applicable laws. You will be notified when your WSRP has been reviewed and ready for approval by your local governing body.

What does it mean if my plan is disapproved?

If your plan is disapproved, your system must implement the water use reduction measures outlined in Rules .0613 and .0614 of 15A NCAC 02E. 0607 whenever extreme (D3) or exceptional (D4) drought conditions are declared by the NC Drought Management Advisory Council. Current drought advisories are published each week at

Who can I contact for more information?

If you have additional questions or require assistance, please contact Linwood Peele at (919) 715-5455 or