NC DEQ Division of Water Resources
Eno River Management

Real-time Conditions: Eno at Hillsborough | Eno near Durham Withdrawal Status:   No Restrictions as of 12/09/2016

Major Withdrawals


Hillsborough is the largest water system withdrawer within the Eno River Voluntary Capacity Use Area. Hillsborough maintains the West Fork Eno Reservoir, a 43-feet deep reservoir with a 786 million gallon capacity. Hillsborough withdraws water from Lake Ben Johnston Reservoir and has interconnections with neighboring systems that can be used during a water shortage emergency.

West Fork Eno River Reservoir Dam Safety Permit - Minimum Release Requirement


The rural areas of Orange and Alamance counties obtain water through the non-profit membership corporation, Orange-Alamance Water System, Inc. Orange-Alamance withdraws water from Corporation Lake Reservoir and can obtain additional water from Lake Orange Reservoir during emergency situations. The Orange-Alamance Water System owns and operates its own water treatment plant and distribution system, which was developed in the late 1960's.

Piedmont Minerals

Piedmont Minerals is a division of Resco Products, Inc. Located in the Piedmont Region of the state known as the "slate belt"; Piedmont Minerals has been one of the nation's leading suppliers of quality raw materials for over forty years. A portion of their operations requires withdrawal from the Eno River from time to time.

Other Impacted Parties