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A Local Water Supply Plan is an assessment of a water system's current and future water needs and its ability to meet those needs. By understanding current and future needs, local governments will be better able to manage water supplies and better prepared to plan for water supply system improvements.

North Carolina General Statute General Statute § 143-355(l) requires all units of local government that provide or plan to provide public water service to prepare a Local Water Supply Plan. All community water systems that regularly serve 1,000 or more service connections or serve more than 3,000 people are also required to prepare a Local Water Supply Plan.

North Carolina Administrative Code 15A NCAC 02E .0604 requires all systems subject to General Statute § 143-355(l) to electronically submit an annual water use update based on their water use and system conditions by April 1st of every year for the period of January 1st to December 31st of the prior year.

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