Technical Review Committee

The Technical Review Committee acts in an advisory role to the Division of Water Resources for the Cape Fear River Basin Study.  The Committee is comprised of representatives of the DWR, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, local governmental bodies and other stakeholders, and consultants to the City of Fayetteville and the Town of Cary.  The Committee meets periodically to discuss progress and to review proposed analysis and modeling procedures and results. 

Committee Members

Sheila Ambat NC Division of Water Resources
Terry Brown U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
Eric Farr U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
James Caldwell Mid-Carolina Council of Governments
Hugh Caldwell City of Wilmington
Pat Davis Triangle J Council of Governments
Bob Dodson
City of Durham
Terry Rolan City of Durham
To be filled (Jason Doll) NC Division of Water Quality
Kim Fisher Town of Cary
Tom Fransen NC Division of Water Resources
A.H. Lex Jones Cape Fear River Assembly
Ed Holland Orange Water & Sewer Authority
Mick Noland Fayetteville Public Works Commission
Chad Ham Fayetteville Public Works Commission
Andrea Spangler Piedmont Triad Regional Water Authority
Kurt Taube Lower Cape Fear Water & Sewer Authority
Allan Williams City of Greensboro


Leila Goodwin Ch2M Hill
Bill Kteutzberger Ch2M Hill
Paul Peterson Malcolm Pirnie


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