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River basin management and planning is an attempt to identify efficient ways to use water resources within the constraints of soil type, land use, agricultural and other practices, engineering feasibility and social and financial constraints.   Since there are a virtually limitless set of water resources development options that are available, it is inevitable that conflicts must arise over how these resources are to be used.  Resolving these conflicts is a demanding and complex task.

capefear5.wmf (665162 bytes)Proper water resource planning requires individual aspects of the problem to be brought together within a framework the enables an integrated analysis that considers all important factors.  As a consequence, conclusions can be reached, and agreements developed that can be accepted by competing interests. 

The MIKE BASIN model provides a means to develop a graphical and numerical representation of water supply and demand that can help resolve conflicts and lead to an efficient use of water resources.


User- specified priority-based water allocation
Multiple & multi-purpose reservoir systems
Instream flows can be calculated at any point specified by the user
River loops, specified diversions and conditional diversions are allowed
Employs the popular ESRI ArcView GIS graphical user interface
On-screen editing and digitization
Flexible time step specification for simulations
Comprehensive documentation
Object-oriented coding
Fully dynamically memory handling

Click on the icon to see a video of some of the features of MIKE BASIN.  

Click on the icon to see a PowerPoint presentation of some of MIKE BASIN's features.  

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